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VIDEO: 90 Minutes for Unlimited Legendary Pokémon

Crown Tundra
How soon can you go into the Crown Tundra?

Most people entering the Crown Tundra have already became the Champion of the Galar region. They have battle every trainer in the Isle of Armor. So they are entering the Crown Tundra with Pokemon and experience to handle everything in the Crown Tundra.

Though, is it possible to enter the Crown Tundra without any Gym Badges?

That is a question that Austin John Plays wants to know! All so he can get as many Legendary Pokemon he wants! Also, so he can hunt for Shiny Legendary Pokemon with no worries. There is also the chance to get a second Calyrex.

Watch Austin John Plays to see how long does it take to get into the Crown Tundra to get a Legendary Pokemon. Then stay to see if he can capture Calyrex without a single Gym Badge!

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