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Beware! Of Tales from the Pokedex!

Tales from the Pokedex
It is almost Halloween and Pokemon is ready to get spooky!

So why not go to the place where you can find some of the Pokemon world’s scariest things! The Pokedex!

We know that some trainers simply press the A Button when they capture a new Pokemon. Usually you just don’t want to read the Pokedex so you can go back to the adventure. Though you are missing out on some of the scariest facts about your favorite Pokemon. Some of these include cute Pokemon such as Litwick. Others are beautiful Pokemon such as Gorebyss that have hidden dark sides. Meanwhile, you have your usual suspects such as Genger ready to steal your life. Literally!

Pokemon has gotten together some of their commentaries and various YouTube personalities to ready from the Pokedex! Together they have created a playlist called…TALES FROM THE POKEDEX!

Watch the video below to get started on this trip of scares and spooks!

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