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VIDEO: Bopping to Bede’s theme

Boppin to Bede
We got the bop for you! With some amazing animation!

Do you love Bede’s battle theme? Perhaps you love to jam out out to it? Then we got you covered with a cool animation by Artastiq!

Artastiq has made an animation of the kids from Pokemon Sword & Shield jamming out to Bede’s battle theme. It looks as if Bede doesn’t like it but everybody else is having a great time! You got Victor and Hop bopping around with tambourines. You can even see Gloria and Marnie join in on the fun!

This animation is pretty amazing and well worth the listen and watch. I just love how much detail it is put into the movements. You can really see that in Marine’s walking.

Go ahead and watch the animation below! Don’t be surprise if you also end up bopping around too!

Love this animation? Then you can watch the extended version by clicking here!

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