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VIDEO: The Complex Evolution Of Pokémon’s Design Over The Years

Evolution of Pokemon
It is no secret that the Pokemon anime has changed and will so even more.

Especially with the recent news that Ash and Pikachu are leaving the Pokemon anime early 2023. Though, we have seen these two characters change so much since their debut in 1997. I could talk about how they change in personality, though we can all see how they have change in design.

Today I bring you a video from a personal favorite channel of mine. Nerdstalgic is taking a look at how the Pokemon anime has…evolved…since 1997. Not only does Nerdstalgic talk about how the designs have changed from XY to Sun & Moon. They also mention how the battles and animation as an art has also changed with the times. All of this and more can be seen as Nerdstalgic gives a look into the Pokemon anime that Ash and Pikachu has starred in for over 25 years.

So, I ask that you take some time from your post-Christmas fun to enjoy a video going over Ash & Pikachu changes in design and the anime we all love in some form or way. Especially as we see Ash & Pikachu off in the upcoming months.

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