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VIDEO: I Did A Hardcore Nuzlocke Of The Hardest Pokemon Game

Blind Nuzlocke
Ever heard of a blind nuzlocke?

That is when you play a nuzlocke with a Pokemon game you have never played before!

Usually this happens when a Pokemon player plays a brand new Pokemon game. It not only gives you the rush of a nuzlocke but also you get to play the Pokemon game with no knowledge of what you come. Everything is new and could potentially end your nuzlocke run.

That is pretty hard to do in this day and age as everything can be found online. Especially when you have access to the internet.

Though, Bloody is doing just that! She is playing Pokemon White 2! Blindly! With nuzlocke rules! What will happen on their epic adventure in the Unova Region. Where they do not know any of the characters or battles to come!

Watch below to see if Bloody comes out of this with all her Pokemon not so bloody.

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