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VIDEO: Mad Party VS Vikavolt V | Testing Grounds

Mad Party Vikavolt V
Are you up for a shocking party?

Today we want to focus on the TCG! That is why we have a video from Rare Candy where they are play testing the next format using cards from Darkness Ablaze!

One one side there is a deck that plays just like the old Night March. The Mad Party attack gets stronger with each Pokemon with the Mad Party attack in the discard. If the party becomes too big then you can expect Mad Party to do big damage!

Meanwhile, on the other side is Vikavolt V who is planning to paralyze your hand with Paralyzing Bolt! The attack damage may not be much but if you remember Quaking Punch then expect the same thing. Your opponent can use any item cards in their next turn after Vikavolt V uses Paralyzing Bolt.

Which deck will win? Mad Party or Vikavolt V? Watch the video below to find out!

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