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Let’s Go Master Trainers!

Master Trainer
Are you ready to be a Master?

There is more to being a Pokemon Trainer then being a Champion. There is to be a Master! And you can be one in Pokemon Let’s Go!

Trainers in Pokemon Let’s Go can now earn titles by defeating Master Trainers. You can do this after you become Champion. Certain trainers will appear in Kanto who have the title of Master Trainers. These special trainers battle with a particular species of Pokémon. You can challenge these trainers to a battle with no items and the same Pokemon of that species. If you defeat this trainer then you will earn the title of Master Trainer for that Pokemon.

There is a Master Trainer for each 150 Pokemon in Kanto. These trainers usually appear in the overworld with a thought bubble over their head to indicate which Pokemon they specialize in. You can say that these trainers are always thinking about the Pokemon they train.

Some perks of being a Master Trainer over a certain species includes using that title in Link Battles and being addressed by it from in-game characters.

Best of luck to all future Master Trainers! Especially for those wanting to be Metapod Master Trainer!

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