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VIDEO: Pokémon Clay Art by Squash Clay

Clay Pokemon
Want to see some amazing Pokemon made of clay?

Then we found the videos for you! Today we want to spotlight Squash Clay’s YouTube Channel! This person creates videos where they make Pokemon out of clay. Each video features a step by step process of how each Pokemon is made into their clay model. From head to toe! Squash Clay doesn’t miss out on any of the details!

Below are some of the videos that I love. Hopefully you will love them too!

If you want a great example of how detailed Squash Clay can be then watch this video! You will see how Squash Clay doesn’t miss a single detail. Squash Clay shows you how they made Flareon’s ears, paws and even the black dot for Flareon’s nose. It is pretty amazing!

The video above is a collaboration between Squash Clay and Pity Pretty Clay. In this video you get to see Squash Clay make a human character along side with a Pokemon. The amount of work that went into Rosa and Snivy is amazing.

If you want to see some Generation 8 Pokemon love then worry not! Squash Clay got you covered! They have made a clay model for for Scorbunny. This is pretty amazing because Squash Clay creates a clay figure for Scorbunny in an unique pose.

Feel inspired by Squash Clay’s videos and clay figures? Then make sure to check out Squash Clay’s channel! Squash Clay’s hope is that you will watch their videos and feel inspired to make your own Pokemon clay figures! So enjoy!

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