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Crossroads Comics #55-Framing Baxter

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

Today we’re looking at a comic on Webtoons known as Aerial Magic. I actually just finished binge reading it over the weekend and it’s such a good comic. The premise is simple, the daily life of an apprentice witch who is text blind, meaning she can’t read spells. Yet, she wishes to join an aerial magic guild, and it is up to her mentor to help her do that. Season 2 which is more focused on her mentor has just started while season 1 was more focused on our apprentice protagonist becoming acclimated to her new life. All in all, having read this author’s work before (their other comic, Always Human, is on Webtoons and I cannot recommend it enough), I have somewhat high expectations but I have yet to be disappointed. Their art style is very soft and nice on the eyes, the music is great, and the characters all have unique personalities and characteristics. Overall a great read that also appeals to people who have disabilities, who really do not get enough representation in the comic medium.

Crossroads Comics
PMD: Explorers of Life Can he withstand the hit?
Shinka: The Last Eevee Reece is trying so hard to be helpful.

Smackjeeves Comics
Goggles and Stickers She don’t take no for an answer.
Jutopa’s Blue Nuzlocke World of light INTENSIFIES.
PMD: Guardians of the Universe Uh-oh! Someone needs to save her!
PMD: Team Aquablaze This is going to be some tough news to deliver.
MIrrored Image Is he a Leafeon?
The Reincarnation Stone Hm… this does not bode well.
They Say He Shattered Hmm this is truly a perplexing situation.
Yet Another PMD Comic Treasure hunters sounds better.

Deviantart Comics
Acceptance Yess best water weasel.
After the Ashes Communicate with your partner! It’s important!
Chiaki’s Nuzlocke Drake is up next. But will the no items rule come to bite them in the butt?
Golden Sun I wonder how this battle will go.
Kurukkoo! Bonding time is not going well.
Liberty Well at least he’s trying to make up for the mistake.
PMD: Adventures of Team Sunflower What’s she trying to say…
UndefiNed Bleh math class.

Off-site Comics
Aerial Magic I think this Baxter guy deserves more revenge.
AXED Well that didn’t go as planned.
Cursed Princess Club Man he’s so ungrateful.
Hooves of Death How will they move on from here?
Into the Ice Goodbyes are hard.
Shotgun Shuffle How are they going to defeat this?
Surviving the Idiots And with that the story finally comes to an end.
The Glass Scientists That’s a frightening presence in Jekyll’s mind.

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