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VIDEO: Pokemon Green Japanese Glitchfest 3

Green Glitches
Glitches. They have always existed in Pokemon.

Everybody knows that Pokemon Red & Blue are filled with all kinds of glitches and bugs. Though…Have you ever wonder about how many glitches does Pokemon Green has?

Yes. Pokemon Green. The game that was only release in Japan and was never exported to other games. The games that you played, Red & Blue, were only copies of Japan’s Pokemon Blue. From there, Pokemon Blue was made for the international versions for Red & Blue.

Though, Pokemon Green has glitches galore! Glitches that have never left Japan…Until now.

Join Imported Cheese as they show you all the glitches found in Pokemon Green! From Number One to who knows! There are plenty of glitches that you will lose count of!

In this episode, Imported Cheese is going to seek out the power of Glitch #13. Get ready to learn about Glitchzard, Item Swapping, hyperspace, and the power of anime!

Watch this episode and more below. If you have plenty time during your Winter Break then check out this playlist! This playlist has all the released Pokemon Green Glitch videos.

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