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Arkansas Girl Goes on Pokémon Shopping Spree Using Her Mom’s Fingerprint

Are kids getting too smart with technology?

Six year old Ashlynd, of Maumelle Arkansas, saw a window of opportunity and took it. Her mom, Bethany, had fallen asleep on the couch one evening, while watching a movie with her daughter. Bethany had her cell phone close by on the coffee table. Ashlynd’s curiosity got the better of her, as she brought the phone to her mom’s hand, and using her thumb, unlocked the phone.

From there she went to Amazon, and bought $250 worth of Pokémon toys. The next day, Bethany noticed the charges and initially thought she was hacked. Luckily it was her daughter, who was too smart for her own good. When mom asked what her daughter was doing, she replied, “I was shopping.” Turns out kids are always watching what we are doing, even when we think they aren’t.

Ashlynd had ordered 13 items off the website. When Bethany requested a return on the transaction, Amazon stated they would only return 4 of the items. Turns out Ashlynd is getting an early Christmas present this year.

Not going to lie, I’m positive my kids would do the exact same thing if given the opportunity. However please be smart about what information you save to your phone. Autofilling forms such as credit card information can be time saving, without a doubt. But you never want that info to fall in the wrong hands. Sometimes it’s best to fill those forms out manually every time.

Orignial Report: Daily Mail

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