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VIDEO: Redesigning Sinnoh Gym Leaders

Redesigning sinnoh
Let us play a game of What If…

As in “What if Sinnoh got remakes similar to past Pokemon games?”. Though, personally I think we should just called those games “Re-imaginings” instead of “Remakes” but let ignore my personal thoughts.

Back on topic! If Sinnoh did get remake treatments like past Pokemon games then that means one thing! That the Sinnoh Gym Leaders would have gotten redesigns! So let us play What If with a video by Mirror Samurai!

Today we have a video by Mirror Samurai where you can look into another universe where the Sinnoh Gym Leaders got redesigns. They show off various designs that different Sinnoh Gym Leaders could have gotten. So we invite you to take a look at possible redesigns for the Sinnoh Gym Leaders in a possible remake.

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