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VIDEO: Series 13 MYTHICAL Tier List!

Mythical Tier List
So which Mythical will be good in VGC?

Haven’t you heard? You will be able to use Mythicals starting in September for Series 13! This is the first time that Mythical Pokemon can be used in VGC. Thing will be insane and you will want to see how things will play out.

With that said, we thought it be best if you could see which Mythical Pokemon will be good for VGC. That is why we are showing you a video from Moxie Boosted.

In this video Moxie is putting all the Mythical Pokemon on a tier list. Moxie will even explain why these Mythical Pokemon will be good.

Which Mythical Pokemon will make it into S Tier? Who will fall into the bottom of the list? Watch to find out!

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