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The Bug Out! Event Brings New Mega and New Pokémon

Mega Scizor and Grubbin line debut in The Bug Out! Event

Bug Collectors rejoice! This is the event you’ve been waiting for!

From cute critters to creepy crawlies, The Bug Out! Event is back once again and there is a lot to be excited for. As I predicted earlier Mega Scizor will be making it’s Pokemon GO debut along with three Pokémon from the Alola Region: Grubbin, Chargabug, and Vikavolt. There is even a new way to Shiny hunt with friends. Let’s unpack everything we know about this event.

Event Details

Time And Date
August 10, at 10:00 a.m. to August 16, 2022, at 8:00 p.m. local time.

In The Wild
The following will appear more frequently during this time along with Venipede which can now be Shiny*.

  • Caterpie*
  • Weedle*
  • Ledyba*
  • Spinarak*
  • Yanma*
  • Wurmple*
  • Surskit
  • Kricketot*
  • Venipede*
  • Karrablast*
  • Joltik
  • Shelmet*
  • Grubbin
  • Dewpider
  • Pineco*
  • Skorupi*
  • Dwebble*

In Raids

During this event Gyms will be host to special Bug-types Raids. Here’s what you can expect to find so you can better plan your Raid Pass usage.

  • One-Star Raids: Paras*, Pineco*, Joltik
  • Three-Star Raids: Venomoth, Pinsir*, Forretress, Shukle*
  • Five-Star Raids: Genesect (Chill Drive)
  • Mega Raids: Mega Scizor*

Bonus For Teamwork

If three or more Trainers join an in-person Raid Battle, a certain wild Bug-type Pokémon will appear in greater numbers for 15 minutes in a 300-meter radius around the Gym that hosted the raid! This means more opportunity to find a Shiny of that particular Pokémon. The Pokémon that will appear change each day.

  • August 10: Wurmple*
  • August 11: Caterpie*
  • August 12: Spinarak*
  • August 13: Venipede*
  • August 14: Kricketot*
  • August 15: Weedle*
  • August 16: Ledyba*

In addition to all this there will also be a 2× XP for successfully catching Pokémon with Nice Throws, Great Throws, and Excellent Throws, for the duration of The Bug Out! Event. So be sure to practice those throws and max out your XP.

See you around, Genesect!

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