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VIDEO: Sun & Moon Legendaries trailer

New Trailer
Nintendo UK has dropped a new overview trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon dubbed the “Legendaries Trailer”. This trailer doesn’t show anything groundbreaking, but gives us new little tidbits.

An English version of a previously released Japanese trailer, has been released. The new trailer cuts minimal bits of gameplay with CG versions of Solgaleo and Lunala in their natural habitats, almost like the first X & Y trailer did in 2013, and whilst nothing particularly new is shown, you pick up some things if you pay close attention.

First off, you learn the names of  a couple of the specific PokeRide services, such as Charizard Glide, Sharpedo Jet and Lapras Paddle.

Additionally, you see more names for a couple of Z Moves, including the Ghost Type, Never Ending Nightmare, and the Fighting Type, All Out Pummeling.

You also get to see encounters with Team Skull and the Aether Foundation, as well as showing how trainer battles will start.

A new Trial Captain was also named, but not shown, as Llima, with speculation, but no confirmation, leading to this being a Bug Type Trial Captain, and also that the Water Type Totem Pokemon will be a Wishiwashi.

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