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Vote for your Favorite Pokemon!

Pokemon Day Vote
Time to represent your favorite Pokemon!

Pokemon Day is right around the corner which means plenty of festivities are in the works! One of those involves voting for your favorite Pokemon! That is because Google is hosting the first ever Pokemon of the Year!

You can vote for your favorite Pokemon by Google searching “Pokemon vote“. The voting screen will be the first thing you will see in the results. From there you get to pick one favorite Pokemon from each region in the Pokemon world. That will give you eight votes. You will be able to vote once per day for each region until February 14th.

Who will you vote for? Perhaps Bulbasaur? Maybe the cute Rowlet! You could always cast a vote for Oddish. Maybe you can vote for Shaymin. There are over 800 Pokemon you can vote for!

So go ahead and cast your vote now!

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