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Revolution Evolution – What MegaEvolution Means for Pokemon X and Y


Today, the supposed scoop of the century was revealed as there was a new form of evolution known as MegaEvolution. The revealed MegaPokemon, MegaBlaziken, MegaAbsol, MegaMawile, MegaLucario and MegaAmpharos are the only currently known. It has also been revealed that the alternate Mewtwo forme is known as MegaMewtwo. What does this mean for Pokemon X and Y?

These MegaPokemon still resemble their normal counterparts, albeit more ornate. They also have different abilities and even some different types, not normally available to their normal counterparts.

MegaMawile has Huge Power, as well as it, along with normal Mawile, are now Steel/Fairy-type Pokemon. MegaBlaziken has Speed Boost, MegaLucario has Adaptability, MegaAbsol has the ability Magic Bounce, MegaAmpharos is an Electric/Dragon-type and has Mold Breaker, and MegaMewtwo has the ability Insomnia.

They “evolve” through a process called “Mega Evolution”, a term we don’t quite understand as of yet.

The key to understanding MegaEvolution, the new development, is Koruni, a new Gym Leader revealed along with the development. We’ll have to wait and learn more about her and this new feature.

Also announced was the first event for Pokémon X and Y, which is a Torchic holding a new item called Blaziken Knight/Blazikenite. This Torchic has the potential to become a MegaBlaziken, and something called a Mega Stone seems to be required. The distribution period is from October 12th to January 15th.

Beyond new abilities and one new typing, not much is known about these formes except they seem to be usable only in battles. Now, what does all of this mean for the new games, Pokemon X and Y?

First of all, it shows us that GameFreak and Nintendo are very much willing to try new things with the Pokemon franchise. It makes battling even more interesting. Upon being revealed, some of my colleagues began bemoaning this new feature. From stating the similarity to Digimon, to simply just not liking this mechanic. While we all have our likes and dislikes, this is going to come into play and is forcing players to cope with concepts they may not desire to affiliate with. Someone may abstain from using Fairy-types for whatever their reason be, but they are still faced with the inevitable possibility of facing Fairy-types, whether it be in battle or by events. This concept is the same with Mega-Evolutions.

The development team’s reasons for choosing these certain Pokemon remain unknown and it raises the possibility of future MegaEvolutions. However, Pokemon is still quite popular and while some bitter-hearted fans may complain, we should look forward to this new development.

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