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Voting in the*gameHERs Awards!

Want to support a woman gamer and Pokemon fan?

Then you should vote in the*gameHERs Awards! That is because an amazing Pokemon Commentator is on the ballot, Lou The Pikachu!

You may have seen Lou The Pikachu on several different VG Pokemon and Limitless TCG streams. This Pokemon trainer and gamer really knows her stuff. Lou The Pikachu has been asked to commentate for the Pokemon TCG and Video Games. She is a real double threat when it comes to giving her input on the play by play!

That is why we are letting you know that you should vote for her in this year’s the*gameHERs Awards for Top Analyst Of The Year. the*gameHERs Awards is here to make sure that great women gamers are recognized for their amazing talent in video games.

So go ahead and click here to vote for Lou The Pikachu for Top Analyst of the Year!

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