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Worlds 2016 VG Qualification Information Announced

VG Championship Points
Those who are competing in the Video Game competition in hopes for a 2016 World Invititation may want to know how many Championship Points they are going to need. Pokemon has announced the number of Championship Points needed in order to get an invitation to the 2016 Pokemon World Championships at San Fransisco. The amount of points required varies depending your rating zone and age division.

Masters DivisionSenior DivisionJunior Division
US and Canada350 CP325 CP200 CP
Europe275 CP200 CP100 CP
Latin America150 CP100 CP100 CP
Asia Pacific200 CP150 CP100 CP
South Africa400 CP400 CP400 CP

Some VG players may receive Day Two invitations which will allow them to skip Day One compete in the tournament on Day Two. These players will also include Travel Awards. Those who do receive Day Two invites will be based on the requirements below.

  • The Top 8 players from the US and Canada rating zone
  • The Top 16 players from the Europe rating zone
  • The Top 4 players from the Latin America rating zone
  • The Top 4 players from the Asia Pacific rating zone

The tournament structure will span three days. Friday will start Day One where all players will take part in Swiss style rounds with best-out-of-three matches will be played. Players with two or less loses will advance onto Day Two. Saturday will be Day Two where a new tournament will start and Day One results will not carry over. Players who took part on Day One’s tournament will not be required to use the same Pokemon. Late Saturday will start Top Cut which will be comprised of players who have less then two loses and no ties. The Top Cut rounds will be single elimination with best-out-of-three matches. Day Three on Sunday will be the finals for the VG competition.

Best of luck to all the VG Players who are going to battle it out to get to Worlds 2016!

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