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UPDATE: Zorua Coming to Pokemon GO!

Make sure to show up to Spotlight Hour today!

That is because Zorua will be jumping into the spotlight during today’s Spotlight Hour.

Today’s Spotlight Hour is suppose to feature Shuppet though Zorua will be stealing the spotlight. That is because Zorua will be making it’s Pokemon GO debut.

Starting at 6PM during your local time, if your Buddy Pokemon is on the map then it will appear duplicated. You will then have the chance to capture the duplicated buddy Pokemon. Once you have captured it then it will transform into a Zorua. You will be able to do this at the start or end of Spotlight Hour.

So don’t forget! Go out and catch your Zorua!

UPDATE: Zorua was suppose to spawn as any Buddy Pokemon you had during the day. It would have appeared during the first and last five minutes of Spotlight Hour. Though, due to bug, this surprise event has been cancelled. Overall, the spawns have been turned off.

The reason why today’s surprise event and spawns have been cancelled was due to a bug involving Zorua’s height, CP and moves being incorrect upon capture. The Zorua captured earlier during the Spotlight Hour for New Zealand had all retained the height, CP and moves of the Pokemon it had transformed into.

Because of these bugs, any Zorua and Zoroark captured in Pokemon GO are blocked from being traded in Pokemon GO and can’t be transfer to Pokemon HOME.

It has been noted that this surprise event will resume in the Spotlight Hour for individual time zones as soon as the bug has been resolved. Though, there is current no timeframe for when this will be fixed.

A surprise for trainers in Pokemon GO has now turned into a surprise for Niantic. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.

Source: Serebii (Twitter)

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