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Podcast Central: Casting the Cast

Podcast Central
Time to cast the rod to catch some podcasts!

We have a brand new podcast joining the column and this one will help you raise your knowledge on the Pokemon TCG. You will be catching something new with this podcast. It will feel just like fishing!

The Super Rod-cast is a podcast run by veteran Pokemon TCG players who want to make sure that you can up your game. Kirk is the main caster and he is joined every episode with a cast of experts relating to the topic at hand. So make sure to give this podcast a listen if you are interested in the Pokemon TCG.

We will have the Super Rod-Cast lead things this week as Kirk brings in Poke-parents new and old to talk about things relating to the game and younger players. Each parent brings something interesting to the table. This makes quite a nice episode as you learn some of the things that most players have to deal with even at a young age. How do you balance school life with Pokemon life? These are some things that these parents have to work on with their kids and so do new players. So give this episode a listen!

If you want more TCG fun then listen to PTCG Radio as Ross gives everybody one last podcast before he leaves for his honeymoon! he talks about perhaps the last Mega Pokemon and answers plenty of listener mail. Is the Era of EX not long for this world? Check out what he thinks in this episode!

Guess who has recently celebrated a milestone? That would be Kanto Cast as their podcast has turned two! Blue and Yellow talk about some recent big life changes such as moving and jobs! There isn’t too much Pokemon talk but the leader and first lady of the nation gives a nice State of the Nation Address. This is an episode worth listening as the passion of two podcasters is an amazing thing to hear.

Do you need to hear about some lawsuits involving Pokemon GO? Then take a listen to Pokedex Radio and The Dex! Cast! Austin discuss his thoughts on a lawsuit aimed at Pokemon GO and what it could mean for the game. Meanwhile, The Dex! Crew talk about how this could only be the beginning as Pokemon GO into some new regions involving the law.

Get those dice ready! Mythical is back and with three brand new episodes that takes our podcasters to high school. You can read more about that right here.

Do you need more dice rolling fun? Pokemon Rollout has an episode where our band of travelers take on the Clear Lake City Gym. Though, they need to fight the gym trainers who seem to be an interesting bunch of characters. Some of these trainers include a splashing bikini girl and a guy who loves to throw leaves. Can our travelers handle their own against these guys? Listen to find out!

Time for some remake speculation about Generation Four! Who is best suited for this? That would be the P.U.C.L. Podcast! Thatch and the crew take a look at all the hints of a Diamond and Pearl remake and see if it holds up. Need more Gen4 remake speculation? PKMNcast will gladly throw in their thoughts. SBJ and the others have an answer and see what could possibly be in the stars.

Lastly, Anne from Pikapi Podcast has an episode involving what will happen when Ash and Pikachu is alone. It says a lot about the people that Ash hangs around. Does it means that they trust Ash or simply do not care about him? These are the type of questions that Anne has to deal with as she takes the time to talk about an episode where Ash catches a new Pokemon!

Don’t touch that Totodile! Time to cast out the rod!

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Pikapi PodcastPikapi Podcast: The Secret Life of Trees!

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