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‘Guardians Rising’ Prerelease and Promos

Guardian Rising Promos
The Guardians are coming and you better be ready for them!

The newest TCG set, ‘Guardians Rising’ is going to be release soon! You can get a sneak peek of their power with the upcoming prereleases that are happening this weekend!

Those who attend these prereleases will get a 22 card Evolution Pack to help them build a 40 card deck, a few packs of ‘Guardians Rising’, and one of four prerelease promos. These prerelease promos will be: Mudsdale, Oricorio, Drampa, and Alolan Sandslash.

Alolan Sandslash could be a highly wanted because of it’s Slush Rush ability that allows you to draw an extra card per turn. That can be useful in both a prerelease setting and normal meta. Drampa could be useful if you are wanting to power up a strong attack by using Amass to help set off a strong Power Cyclone attack. If you want a quick attack then Oricorio (Sensu)’s Revelation Dance can be useful with one of the few stadiums that you can get from the set. Though, you may not want to get Mudsdale as it has a high attack cost. If you can get four energy on it then maybe you can find it useful but that is a lot to ask for.

Prereleases for ‘Guardians Rising’ will happen on the weekends of April 22nd through 30th. You can check out Pokemon’s Event Locator to find if there is a store near you hosting a prerelease. ‘Guardians Rising’ will be release on May 5th.

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