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From Anime Fan to Voice Acting in Pokemon

You…Can become a Pokemon voice actor!

And if you need some inspiration then check out this interview from Crunchyroll with Anairis Quiñones.

Perhaps you know Quiñones from some of your favorite anime. Some of her work includes Mirko from My Hero Academia and Camilla from RUBY. Though, if you are a Pokemon fan then you have surely heard her voice as Nessa from Twilight Wings!

Quiñones’s interview with Crunchroll is pretty short but well worth the watch. She talks about how she got interested in anime voice acting. Quiñones discusses about her method when it comes to voice acting. Lastly, you get to see how important it was to her to voice a character like Nessa. Especially because how personal it was to her due to Nessa being a black gym leader.

So go ahead and take some time to watch this interview with the amazing BIPOC voice actor, Anairis Quiñones!

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