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Pokemon Commits to #StopAAPIHate

Pokemon coming out to support Asian communities.

In the last few weeks, we have seen discrimination and racism towards Asian communities in the United States and around the world. Most of this is in due part of the COVID pandemic and certain world leaders. Because of these violent actions, we have seen Asian business being vandalized. You may have also seen actions such as people in the Asian community getting hurt or killed.

Today Pokemon has spoke up and release a statement about the recent ongoing violence toward Asian communities. You can read below Pokemon’s statement.


It is great to see that Pokemon is taking direct action to help those in Asian Communities. Not only did they wait for the media attention to go down but they are doing action by donating to provide support and awareness. Now the attention is back on Asian communities to make sure people don’t forget what has recently happen. Hopefully soon enough Pokemon’s actions and commitment can be seen in Asian communities. Even more, hopefully it will help inspired others to do something as well.

Pokemon has a strong Asian background with the franchise being based in Japan. After all, the first four regions that we traveled in Pokemon were based of the four areas of Japan. We do not know how the Pokemon Company overall feel about the recent violence going on but we as fans feel devastated by these senseless actions. After all, we are fans of some of the work and culture from Asia and the Pacific.

As soon as Pokemon share the name of the organizations then we will hopefully provide an update to this development.

Until then, stand strong and Stop Asian Hate.

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