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Pokemon Master Journeys! Coming Soon!

Master Journeys
The journey continues!

As Ash and Goh continues their adventure in the anime! This time with a brand new series, Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series!

The continuation of Pokemon Journeys features the next set of episodes featuring Ash and Gou. You can expect to see Ash climb the rankings for the World Coronation Series. Meanwhile, Goh is going to catching all the Pokemon as he gets closer and closer to Mew. Though, expect to see a new face join them as Chloe starts to take her first steps as a Pokemon trainer alongside with an Eevee.

Below are some screenshots from the upcoming series.

From the screenshots we can see Sobble meeting up with an Inteleon, appearances from Suicune, Chloe joining Ash & Goh and more antics from Team Rocket.

Pokémon Master Journeys will be coming to the United States as early as this Summer. It will hit international markets later in 2021. A trailer for the new series is expected to be release soon.

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