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Crossroads Comics #148 – Asking Anorith

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

This week we’re spotlighting one of my favorite new ask blogs in the Pokemon Ask Blog community: Asking Anorith. This blog falls into a subcategory of Pokemon Ask Blogs known as “Daily Blogs”, which is a type of of ask blog that updates, theoretically, on a nearly daily basis. These updates are not always asks but sometimes are doodles of the characters or some other type of similar content. These updates are also typically simpler than most non-daily blog responses, just being single panel responses that don’t have drawn backgrounds. That does not mean they require any less effort or are less appealing, as often times these daily blogs are wholesome or silly, leading to them being rather popular with fans who prefer fluffy content without much plot to it.

So now that I’ve explained what the general concept of a Daily Blog is, I bet you’re wondering what exactly makes Asking Anorith so special that it deserves a shout out. Well you see, my good friend, Asking Anorith is the gosh darn cutest blog I’ve seen in a long time. It makes Anorith, which is a horribly underappreciated Pokemon in my opinion, achieve maximum cuteness levels and then somehow even surpass them. It’s great. I love it. This blog deserves every ounce of attention you can give it. It doesn’t have a plot (yet) and the only cast member is Anorith but dangit, Anorith is all you need. So go check out Asking Anorith because it’s very cute and deserves love.

And without further ado, let’s go check out the rest of this week’s lineup!

Crossroads Comics
Land-Shaymin There’s been a murder!
PMD: Chanterelle Read em and weep.
PMD: Explorers of Life This is looking like a rather one sided fight.
PMD: Harmony Long looong shuuuuuucckkllleeeeeeeeee!
PMD: Wildfire The reunion is at hand!
Pokemon: Shadow of the Sun New friend appears!
Pokemon X Adventures The battle of tug o’war begins!
Renegade Redemption This poor kid just got back too.
Shinka: The Last Eevee Bonk! Time to meet a new character!
The Shaymin Cafe Judgement has been passed.

ComicFury Comics
Floating On Clever, clever, Siren.
Nemini Crede New character joins the fray!
PMD: Adventures in Viraska Excuuuuuuuse me, Princess.
PMD: Anamnesis It’s a big decision.
PMD: The Bonds Between Time It’s time for a battle!
Soul Food So this is how it all began.
Wassenveld … you okay there, Sonia?
Yet Another PMD Comic Come on, there’s no need to be this harsh.

Deviantart Comics
Deadly Syns Ah yes, potentially blackmailing a Gym Leader, what could go wrong?
Golden Sun Time to put on your learning caps, kids!
Hypoxia What a cute little Dunsparse.
Pokemon Explorers Comic That was some good acting!
Shiro’s Quest Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
Truth or Dare Time to pursue Team Plasma!
What the Water Gave Me Look at all those cuties.
When Little Emma Ran Away Look at that ADORABLE Buizel!

Off-site Comics
Ask the Editor And there it is!!
Ask the Traveller Angela receiving some much needed support.
Asking Simulcrum We’ve arrived!
Daily Troublemakers Oh now who are these cuties?
Explorers of Death A grim fate if nothing else
Occasional Lucario Luca does not look like someone you want to mess with.
Team Next-Gen Look at this adorable little Shaymin baby.
The Red Vaporeon Seems that really pushed Xander’s buttons.

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