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Art Spotlight: Transgender Awareness Month

Be aware of these trans OCs!

As November winds down and December begins, we here at PXR wanted to take a moment to once again celebrate the members of the Pokémon community that fall under the trans umbrella. In order to do this, about two weeks ago, I sent out a call for people to submit their gender non-confirming OCs and have compiled them all for you to look through today.

While not all the characters featured here today are necessarily Pokémon related, all the creators are members of the Pokémon fandom at large, and many of them fall under the trans umbrella as well. The names and pronouns of each character, as well as their creator credits, and what comic they are from (if any) are all listed in the captions of their pictures, so be sure to read each one to find out more about them! You can also click on the pictures to see them at full size. Additionally, you can check out all the comics, ask blogs, and fanfictions these characters are from, plus more, by checking out our Transgender Awareness Week Crossroads Comics article.

As a thank you to everyone who submitted a character, I drew a chibi headshot of one character submitted per person, which I’ll be DMing to everyone personally. The huge compilation of them all is serving as the featured image of this article!

Now, let’s take a moment to celebrate and appreciate the creativity behind each and every design featured here today.

***If anyone’s pronouns (either an artist or a character) are incorrect, or if there are any other mistakes, please DM NobleJanobii. While we did our best to check and get everything correct, with over one hundred artist and character submissions, mistakes are bound to happen. We apologize for any mistakes that may have been made and will correct them as soon as possible.***

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