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Crossroads Comics #169 – Transgender Awareness Week

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for a very special Crossroads Comics!

In case you weren’t aware, this week is Transgender Awareness Week, so to celebrate these wonderful members of our community, we’re doing something a little different. A few days ago, I put out a call asking for creators in the Pokémon community to submit to me their comics, ask blogs, and fanfictions that featured characters in the trans umbrella. This included characters that identify as transgender, non-binary, genderfluid, bigender, and other gender non-conforming identities. Many of these stories are also authored by people who fall under the trans umbrella. Additionally, as a small disclaimer, in a few cases, the authors noted that while the characters hadn’t appeared yet, they either had plans for transgender representation in the future or for a pre-existing character to transition. As a result, they are also included on this list.

I’ve compiled the stories submitted into four categories below: Ask blogs, Nuzlockes, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, and Original Stories. This list is by no means comprehensive, as it only includes those stories that were submitted to me, but with a little over 90 entries on this list, I think you’ll have plenty of options to choose from if you’re looking for something to read with some trans representation in it. So go ahead, binge a story or three, because they’re all really great and more then deserving of your support.

Remember that no matter who are you or what you identify as, you are beautiful and deserve to be loved. Embrace yourself. Be who you are. No matter what, we here at PXR will always support you.

Ask Blogs
Ask a Bunch of Eevees
Ask a Poison Punk
Ask a Shooting Star
Ask an Odd Pikachu
Ask Byul
Ask Campanula
Ask Eden
Ask Elliot and Gang
Ask Fletchidee and Rookling
Ask Galactic Pals
Ask Glorious Guild
Ask Imaginary Dreamers
Ask Indeedee
Ask Living Wasteland
Ask Nayden
Ask Neon Tiger
Ask Porygon
Ask Savel
Ask Scrafty
Ask Team Lightbringers
Ask Team Searchlights
Ask the Isle
Ask the Overtaken
Ask the Strykers
Ask the Traveller
Ask Tide the Gastrodon
Ask Wasteland Lands
Ask Umbreon
Asking Sticky Paws
Bitter Atrocity
Blazing Destiny
Crewel Intentions
Daily Ashleigh Raichu
Daily Croissant
Daily Marshtomp
Digital Sylveon
Flake and Rudy
Hostile Heroes
Kat’s Lucky Ranch
Melancholy Monster
Neverland Faerai
Nine Lost Lives
Old Gods Asks
Pearlscar Peak
Phantom Guild
Poper the Wishmaker
Quiet Mew
Retrying Again
Sometimes Its Family
Sometimes Joltik
Sometimes Clones
Tales from Kirkland
Team Max Volume
Team Next-Gen
Team Pursuit
The Gates
The Meowstic Vigilante
The Red Vaporeon
The Void Between Worlds
Twig Tails

A Fateful Nuzlocke Challenge
Adventures in Naljo – A Pokémon Prism Nuzlocke
Blooming Glory
Endurance: In Our Blood
First Summer – A Rijon Adventures Nuzlocke
Forge of Reality: Legend of Vulcan&Eclipse
Hidden Swords
Old Gods
Pokémon: Rocket Edition
Rekindled Flames
Shiro’s Quest: A Nuzlocke Adventure in Hoenn
Sinners of Sinnoh

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon
Lucky’s Travels
PMD: Chanterelle
PMD: Eternal Shadows
PMD: Harmony
PMD: Hellfire
PMD: Sky High
PMD: Wildfire
PSMD: Lotus

Original Stories
Connected Destinies
Pokémon RP: Lost Island
Pokémon X Adventures
Pokémon Yellow Comic
Shinka: The Last Eevee
The Shaymin Café

Ongoing Conversation