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Blast From the Past: Pokemon Origins


Many of us have grown up with the original Pokemon games, Pokemon Red, Green, and Blue. As the franchise grows older, many of the Gen I fans feel somewhat left out as more tactics are introduced, thus, the battle of favorites continue. However, the franchise has a knack for shocking the fandom. The following news exceeds the shock value of even Mega Evolution.

To those who have played Generation I games, know that this is in fact Red and Green, the original protagonist and rival from the 1st generation of Pokemon (Western audiences know Green as Blue, the Japanese Pokemon Green was never released outside of Japan). This anime is stated to coincide with the Pokemon X and Y anime featuring Ash and Pikachu. Currently, it is revealed to be a special that airs Wednesdays at 7 PM Japan time, but there is no more information about it beyond that. Nevertheless, this is exciting news as it shows many of the older fans they have not been forgotten and as Pokemon moves into new ideas of tomorrow. They also remind the fans of their humble roots, where it all began.

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