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Champions Crowned at Worlds 2022! #PlayPokemon

The battles have ended and only the champions are left.

The Pokemon World Championships took place in London over the weekend of August 18th to 21st. Several battles were held in the TCG, VGC, Pokken Tournament, Pokemon GO and Pokemon Unite! All that is left is crown the World Champions!

Below are the crowned champions in each competition and age division.

Trading Card Game

Juniors: Rikuto O. playing Origin Forme Palkia w/Ice Rider Calyrex from Japan
Seniors: Liam H. playing Origin Forme Palkia from United States
Masters: Ondrej Škubal playing Arceus VSTAR w/Flying Pikachu from Czech Republic

Video Game Championships

Juniors: Kosaku M. from Japan
Seniors: Yasuharu S. from Japan
Masters: Eduardo Cunha from Portugal

Pokken Tournament

Seniors: Fruitprime

Pokemon GO Championship Series

Seniors: MEWeedle from Switzerland
Grand Champion:
DancingRob from Germany

Pokemon Unite Championship Series

Champion Team: BLVKHVND from North America

Congratulations for all these great players!

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