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New TCG Mechanic Revealed! ex Returns!

New mechanic
Get ready to to return to ex Pokemon! All of this and more revealed at Worlds!

The Pokemon World Championships is coming to a close! And as always during the opening ceremonies we are getting a sneak peek at the new mechanic coming to the Pokemon TCG! You have heard of Pokemon V and Pokemon VMAX! Even Pokemon VSTAR. Now get ready for…..ex Pokemon!

Return to ex

ex Pokemon
After being gone, ex Pokemon are back! This time they are not the big EX but the original ex Pokemon as in from Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire. As in instead of being just Basic Pokemon, you will see some ex Pokemon needing to evolve.

We have gotten a sneak peek at some Pokemon that will be ex Pokemon. Some of these include Magnezone ex, Lucario ex and Mimikyu ex.

Three ex pokemon

As you can see, Mimikyu ex will be a Basic Pokemon, Though, it will only have 190 HP. Meanwhile, ex Pokemon that have to evolve such as Lucario ex will have more HP. In the case of Lucario ex, it will have 260 HP. Though, Pokemon like Magnezone ex will have 330 HP. That is almost to rival some VMAX Pokemon. Meanwhile, if you do knockout any ex Pokemon then you will only gain two Prize Cards.

The ex Pokemon mechanic will be introduce in the upcoming Pokemon TCG: Scarlet & Violet. This set is expected to be release in early 2023.

Koraidon ex and Miraidon ex Reveal

The TCG cards for Koraidon ex and Miraidon ex have been revealed! Everything from their attacks and ability has been shown. Though, they have not reveal the typing of Koraidon ex and Miraidon ex. Along with the HP. It is known what their type will be though it seems as if their abilities will tie into their type.

Things are going to get exciting for the Pokemon TCG in 2023! Make sure to have fun!

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