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Cross Twelve PXR Member Interviews – #3 The Operator

Well howdy, folks! A new episode of Cross Twelve, PXR’s Member Interviews show, is abroad and ready for an audience.

Cross Twelve

Cross Twelve’s first ten questions are standard, whereas the eleventh and twelve differ each time. This provides a chance for a potentially hilarious improvisation for the last question, which combines aspects from the previous answers to some of the questions. It’s fun for everyone!

In Episode III, your host, Suicune’s Fire, is joined by The Operator, another moderator of Pokemon Crossroads. This interview is unique because it is the first and likely only that will feature the host and the guest in the same room, in the same country! Go Australia!
The Operator - Jacob

To hear the episode, visit Cross Twelve’s thread on the forum, or click on the embedded player below to play the file.



Thanks for listening! And remember, if you’re a member of PXR’s forum, YOU could be interviewed next!

Ongoing Conversation