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Crossroads Comics #121-Kilroy

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

This week we’re taking a look at Kilroy! An original comic by FedoraSpooky, Kilroy follows a thief named John. While helping unloading a truck, John accidentally breaks a mirror, what should have only been seven years of back luck turns out to be something far far worse. Now John, taking on the alias “Kilroy” and possessed by the spirit previously housed within the mirror, must collect all the shards of the mirror before it’s too late. With both their lives on the line, will they succeed?

Kilroy is a comic that I was initially intrigued by based on the cover. It has our main character in a really dynamic pose and the idea of a thief stealing shards of a mirror was very intriguing to me. And Kilroy did not disappoint. The peaceful beginning lulls you into a false state of security that could easily make you forget the actual plot of the comic as it takes you through John’s day to day life. Yet it also does very well to establish John as a character, making it clear that he sneaks into movies and has some klepto tendencies. Then, all at once, the plot kicks off, leaving the readers just as disoriented as John is when the scene transitions in a flash and the plot kicks off. From there, the story hits the ground running as we’re whisked into a museum where Kilroy is about to commit another theft. It’s just a really cool experience to binge because the author does well to emulate how the characters feel through the reader’s own experience with the comic. You never really know what to expect because just when you think you might know what’s coming next, the comic goes in a completely different direction. All in all the visuals, the pacing, and the story make for a very enjoyable read. Plus, the story is one that I haven’t really heard of before and I’m eager to learn more about the magical system surrounding this comic.

So if you’re interested in reading this comic and experiencing this really cool story for yourself, be sure to check it out on Tapas or ComicFury. You can also support the author and the comic on Patreon and Ko-fi. Finally, if you want to see more from the author, be sure to check them out on Twitter Deviantart, and Tumblr.

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