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Crossroads Comics #183 – Pokémon: Triple Tousle

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!!

Work’s still hectic so this week I’m doing another mini-spotlight/promo of a smaller comic, Pokémon: Triple Tousle by Neo Emolga, Chakramaster, and NobleJanobii! This collaborative comic is a spoof on our misadventurers as the moderator staff of Pokémon Crossroads. Between battling spambots and the evil forces of characters like MichaelXD, it’s a full job! But that’s nothing this tough trio can’t handle! With our wacky powers, there’s no battle we can’t win!! So if you’re in for some looney tunes-style adventures that’s the result of the collaborative efforts of these three authors, then I highly recommend you check it out!!

And without further ado let’s check out the rest of this week’s lineup!

Crossroads Comics
Ascension Nuzlocke Look at all those familiar faces!!
Ask a Staravia Look at those new faces!
PMD: Explorers of Life So there’s another?? :3c
PMD: Sky High Into the cave we go!
PMD: Wildfire Fight fight fight!!
Pokémon Rising Shadows Giratuna!!??
Pokémon: Triple Tousle Not more spambots!
Rejuvenation: The Interceptor Journey Oof that’s a really bad matchup!
Shinka: The Last Eevee It’s everyone’s favorite bird!!

ComicFury Comics
Alloyed Chains: Flower Uh oh that’s not a great reaction.
Genesis: A Gijinka Story He’s considering it at least.
PMD: Boundless Adventures A play? Sounds fun!
PMD: Burning Resolution An old name huh? Interesting.
PMD: Rescue Rangers They need to receive some sort of compensation!
Slumbertown Aww Romy’s family looks so cute!!
The Caretaker Ah well that’s not good!
Wish I Might What a cute photo!

Deviantart Comics
Autumn in Sinnoh Hang in there, Nao.
Basti’s Black 2 Nuzlocke Villain origin story complete!
Broken Sword Oh NOW you have regrets!?
Debtlocked It’s back and better than ever!!
Kurukkoo! Breaking and entering!!
Relic Radiation Uh oh this isn’t good!
The Nateventure I love this Lotad.
Undertow Woof that’s disrespectful.

Off-site Comics
Ask the Dark Types Uh oh! Disaster!
Ask the Isle Abandoned a Dragonite?? How heartless!!
Ask Sol Searchers Stareeee
Sacred Prophecies Such kind words!
TC-96 Adventure time!!
The Glass Scientists Convenient coverup is convenient.
The Red Vaporeon So that’s what happened…

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