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First Edition Pokemon Cards Could Reach $750K

Pokemon TCG
Calling all collectors!

A new auction has just gone live, and collectors around the world are watching very closely. The entire 103-card Base Set 1st Edition is graded PSA Gem Mint 10. That is the highest rating possible, and is being auctioned off by Goldin Auctions. GA has been auctioning off Pokemon cards for years. As of recently a Charizard from the Base Set sold by GA for $400,000.

If you have tried going to your local TCG retailer lately, you may have noticed it’s becoming difficult finding Pokemon Cards on the shelf. This can be accredited to the influx of collectors who have noticed the rising resale value of certain Pokemon cards. Most older Pokemon sets and some newer ones have a few cards that can fetch a few thousand dollars.

With the popularity of cracking open 1st edition box sets for views on YouTube, The Pokemon TCG card craze has been boosted even further. Many YouTubers such as aDrive and Mystic7 have turned to doing breaks, where the host subsidizes the cost of the box set (which can cost around $50,000 depending on the rarity) by getting other people to buy individual packs within the box. The host will open all cards on stream. They are usually accompanied by the buyer via video chat so we can witness their reaction to the pulls. The people who buy in get to keep the cards that are pulled from their pack. They will then have the cards sleeved and mailed to the buyer.

It’s not always about personal gain when is comes to the Pokemon TCG. One other personality to note is Leonhart, the former lawyer turned Pokemon YouTuber who will often open packs and sell the cards for various charities, for which he has raised over $20,000.

If you think this auction is your chance to make a quick buck by buying and selling the set, think again. The opening bid is set for $125,000. The current final bid is expected to reach $750,000 but could very well exceed that. It will all depending on who decides to open up their wallet. Check out the auction here, if your pockets are deep enough maybe you could snag the hottest Pokemon TCG set known to man.

See you around, Genesect!

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