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Twitter Plays Pokemon

Twitter Plays Pokemon
We are at it again

Almost seven years ago in Febuary 2014, hundreds of thousands of people came together on Twitch to play Pokemon Red Version. It took some time and a few modifications, but the collective community finally beat the game. Over 100,000 spectators joining to watch the final battle with Blue.

Since then many others have created their own variant on this popular community lead gaming experience. Most notably a fish that swims into various sections of its tank marked by button commands that are read by a computer and input in the bot that controls the game.

Flash forward to 2021, Twitter user @screenshakes is using the popular social media platform to play through Pokemon Red Version using the replies for others to comment a button command, and the profile picture as a screen shot of what is happening in game.

Who’s to say if this will reach the same popularity as it’s predecessor, but is sure is fun to be part of a fan lead project during this time when most of us are waiting around for more news to drop regarding the next Pokemon games.

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