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Happy #NationalAshKetchumDay!

National Ash Ketchum Day
It all happen one year ago on September 15th.

The dream was achieved. Ash Ketchem finally won his first ever Pokemon League. It took twenty-two years but Ash Ketchem won his first Pokemon League in Alola.

In honor of the one year anniversary of this momentous occasion, several Pokemon fans decided to declare September 15th as National Ash Ketchum Day! Pokemon fans all over Twitter used the hashtag #NationalAshKetchumDay to say how much they love Ash and so proud that he can now be called a Champion.

We may be a day late but we wanted to share some of the best tweets and moments from National Ash Ketchum Day!

The EntityMays That Started It All

The day all started with Pokemon Anime YouTuber EntityMays (Ben) declaring September 15th as Ash Ketchum Day one year ago when Ash won the Alola League. He made good with his promise by pushing it today with the #NationalAshKetchumDay hashtag.

Even before Ben had the chance to use his own hashtag, fans from all over the world were already using the hashtag to celebrate Ash’s victory anniversary. Though, it didn’t stop as the hashtag began to gain steam and began to trend. Ben dedicated his entire day to retweet, like and just commentate at how many people were tweeting today using the #NationalAshKetchumDay hashtag.

Though it looks as if Ben was not expecting Pokemon to make it official or the amount of support he had gotten.

Even Pokemon Joins In

The official Pokemon Twitter account decided to join in on the celebrations as well! Below are some of their tweets to celebrate Ash’s one year anniversary!

Though, Pokemon didn’t stop here with just this tweet! They even prepared a little something special with their Play! Pokemon commentators! Gabby Snyder and Kenny Wisdom took up their microphones to commentate all of Ash’s final Pokemon Leagues battles. They broke down the plays where he lost but ultimately won it all in Alola.

If you want to watch all seven videos commentaries from Pokemon then click here to see them all!

The Voice Actor’s Response

The #NationalAshKetchumDay hashtag got so big that even Ash Ketchum’s English Voice Actresses responded!

Sarah Natochenny is Ash’s current English VA who voiced the great moment. She was in full support of this day and sounded pretty proud of the fan’s push.

Veronica Taylor was the original Ash voice actress from the start with 4Kids until 2006. With her tweet she suggests that we call today World Ash Ketchum Day. After all, Ash has fans all over the world and is voiced in many different languages. Maybe she is right about that.

The Fans

Lastly, we want to show some tweets from Pokemon fans who used the #NationalAshKetchumDay hashtag. We can’t show them all so we will show off some of our favorites.

Some people like Almighty Piccolo decided to share their favorite moments from the Alola League. He picked a pretty awesome too where Ash had this first battle as Champion against Professor Kukui. This is one of my favorite moments too!

RYL was working on a piece in honor of Ash & Goh meeting up with the Alolan Gang. It looks as if they got it done just in time for #NationalAshKetchumDay! This piece looks great and fitting for today and what happen recently in the Pokemon anime.

Twitter’s own Lillie Propaganda account decided to take a moment Ash on his day. They did this by featuring the final moment between Ash and Lillie. After all, Ash is such an amazing inspiration and it can be seen with Lillie’s development during the Sun & Moon saga of the anime.

Ruben A Lira decided to celebrate #NationalAshKetchumDay with his son! They are wearing their Ash Ketchum Hats proudly on such an amazing day!

Happy National Ash Ketchum Day to the one who wanted to be the best like no one ever was.

If you want to follow the tag then click here! The day is over but you can still celebrate Ash’s win no matter what day it is!

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