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McDonalds to have Pokemon Toys and Cards

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Get ready for some Pokemon treats coming to McDonalds!

Pokemon toys and cards are coming to McDonalds! Starting now and until November 12th, you can receive a Pokemon toy and card when you order a Happy Meal.

The toys are all Legendary Pokemon. This is most likely to tie into the Year of Legendary event. Some of the Pokemon feature in this year’s McDonalds Pokemon toy line includes Latias, Zekrom and Dialga.

The cards given out are all promos of Pokemon from the Kanto region. This is mostly to tie into Let’s Go which will be release in November. It is interesting to note that Eevee from Sun & Moon will be one of the promos during this run. If so then this could extend the Eevee with the Energy Evolution ability legality in the TCG Standard format.

If you do not wish to buy a Happy Meal then you can simply purchase the toy and card separately without the meal.

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Source: PokeBeach

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