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What You NEED To Do Before Pokémon GO Fest

GO Fest 2021
Be prepared to take on this EPIC GO Fest weekend!

Pokémon GO Fest 2021 is fast approaching. This weekend to be exact. But what do you need to do right now to make sure you are ready? Read on to find out.

Inventory Prep

Bag space and Pokémon storage are obviously the most important. Getting caught without Poké Balls or no space to catch anymore Pokémon, can ruin the experience. Especially if you encounter a Shiny Pokémon. I have been saving up coins over the last few weeks and plan on increasing bag and Pokémon storage on Friday night.

An extra 200 spaces for each can really come in handy. If you have lots of Pokémon in your storage, you may want to go through and transfer any that you don’t need. The more space you have the better. As for bag space, having extra means you’ll continue to be able to earn Field Research even time you spin a stop, thus, increasing your odds for Shiny encounters.

Special Trades

Starting on Friday at 1 p.m. GMT and running through Pokémon GO Fest, you will be able to make SIX special trades per day. If you are going out, have a wish list of Pokémon you’d like to obtain. You never know who you may meet and what they may have for trade. And if you have any regional exclusives, or spare Shiny Pokémon, those could help convince someone to trade with you.

On the same note, you will need to stock up on Stardust as well. If you have extra Star Pieces, maybe go for a walk and build up that Stardust stockpile before GO Fest begins.

Branching Research

Bidoof day was just a test for branching quest lines. Picking a different path, didn’t have much of an impact on the outcome. This time around however, the path you choose will impact the Pokémon that spawn around you.

Will you pick Pikachu Pop Star with Draining Kiss or Pikachu Rock Star with Meteor Mash? Not only will it determine which music you will hear throughout the event, but also which one will spawn for you. In addition, you will also receive and exclusive pose based on your decision. I’ve made my choice, have you?

Next choice: Gardevoir with Synchronoise or Flygon with Earth Power. Both will appear in Research, but by picking which path you want to pursue, will determine which one will be spawning. Also, the one you choose can also be found wearing Meloetta’s signature hat. The one you don’t pick can still be found by using Incense, but it will not be wearing the costume.

Start thinking now, on which path you want to go down. You don’t want to be caught on the spot, and make the wrong decision impulsively.

Prepare Your Playstyle

You know your game best. Are you all about catching everything that spawns? Then stock up on PokéBalls by opening gifts and spinning all the stops nearby. Enjoy completing Research? Open up your bag storage so you never get that “your bag is full” message. Raiding with friends fill your day with joy? Stock up on raid passes and co-ordinate a group of friends to travel with and take down Raids quickly.

Whatever your style, now is the time to prepare before the weekend creeps up on you. Have fun Trainers and we’ll see you after Pokémon GO Fest 2021. Good luck!

See you around, Genesect!

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