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Pokemon GO to Sinnoh!

Pokemon GO Gen4
The Sinnoh invasion has begun!

You can now see Pokemon from the Sinnoh region in Pokemon GO! Several Generation 4 Pokemon such as Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup are now in the wild in Pokemon GO. That also means a few changes to Eggs, Raids and re-balancing!

New Pokemon from Sinnoh

Niantic has decided to release a wave of Pokemon from Sinnoh today. The Sinnoh Starters can be found in the wild. Other Pokemon from Sinnoh that Pokemon GO trainers can capture includes: Bidoof, Starly, Buneary, Shinx, Kricketot, Chatot, Pachirisu, Carnivine and Riolu. Any Pokemon that evolves from these Pokemon are also available in Pokemon GO.

It is worth noting that we have some new regional exclusives to Pokemon GO. Below are some of them that are known.

  • Chatot- Exclusive to South hemisphere (Brazil, Australia, Uruguay, Argentina, South Africa, Chile, Zambia, Paraguay, New Zealand)
  • Pachirisu- Exclusive to North hemisphere/Arctic regional (Saskatchewan, Edmonton, British Colombia, Labrador, Yekaterinburg, Russia)
  • Carnivine- Exclusive to Southeast US (Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, North and South Carolina) and Bahamas

Also, there have been reports of Shiny Shinx in the wild.

New Eggs

New Pokemon from the Sinnoh region can now be found in eggs. Some of these includes Buneary, Riolu and more! Below is the run down of each egg group.

  • 2 Km Eggs- New additions includes Starly and Kricketot.
  • 5 Km Eggs- New additions includes Piplup, Chimchar and Buneary
  • 10 Km Eggs- Riolu and Shinx

New Raids

Several new Pokemon from Sinnoh have started to raid local raids! The following can be found in Level 1 Raids: Shinx, Kricketot, Bidoof, and Buneary.


The changes and balancing in CP and battling has also started. This is mostly seen in the new Generation 4 Pokemon. All Generation 4 Pokemon have underground the the balancing changes. Pokemon from Generation 1-3 have not been changed. It is unsure when these Pokemon will be re-balanced.

Make sure to go out and catch!

Source: Pokemon GO Hub

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