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Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief Ep42 26FEB2018 – 04MAR2018


A wild Pokémon Art appeared! Time to battle it the only way we know how!

Welcome back to NEMM, where we dive into the cool and the weird of DevaintArt and hope to survive without any PTSD! It’s like walking in the tall grass without Pokémon! Or living in Australia! Are those magpies I hear?

Pokemon Rim #2 – Golurk Danger by Pokemon-FR

I took a look at this and it was easy for me to forget this is actually based on a Pokémon and not something fresh out of Transformers or Shadow of the Colossus.

Golurk already looks pretty beefed up and ready to hulk smash a whole lot of stuff, but this dude now looks like he got a steroid upgrade and a Samus Aran arm cannon just because catching fist to face disease from this thing wasn’t brutal enough. Love the new eyes, also. Instead of funky Tetris shapes, now we got these and they probably shoot lasers, give it wall hacks, and know your browsing history.

Pokemon #561 by Cosmopoliturtle

See, Sigilyph is a kind of weird Pokémon already. It looks like a bunch of extra colorful forks melded together with funky eyes here and there. And fork wings. Weird stuff. So here’s a redesign with less forks, more fans, feathers, talons, birdy tail feathers, and a kind of kitty face with an impaled eyeball on top! Was this the alternative you were hoping for?

I dare someone to make a cosplay out of this!

Pokemon #562-563 by Cosmopoliturtle

Whoa! Now these are even a bigger change! If you always thought “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if Yamask and Cofagrigus were more like ibis birds with a ton of really cool Egyptian battle armor,” well my friends, today’s the day you’ve been dreaming about!

Now, I’ll admit I wouldn’t really be keen on using that Sigilyph alternative, but ibis birds with battle armor… I could get behind that! Much safer than standing right in front of them.

pokemon by hakkasm

Okay, I saw this and immediately thought “Pokémon yearbook.” It’s like they all went to the same high school together! Only some of them definitely should have graduated a long time ago. Seriously Drake and Grimsley, I know algebra and chemistry can be hard but you should have figured it out by now!

Oh, and Thorton, if you’re going to take a selfie, at least SMILE! Geez, dude.

Pokemon #559-560 by Cosmopoliturtle

Thugs with style! You know, I like these alternatives better, also. Especially if they come with these badass nailed bats that look ready for the Walking Dead. Ha, and you thought Marowak was a brute. Scrafty looks like the dude’s ready to knock out your teeth and string them to a necklace just for funsies!

That’s all for this week! Remember that if you feel a feel a sneeze coming on and you don’t want everyone to hear it, just dunk your head into water!

Cheers and see you next time!

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