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Thought you knew every secret from Pokemon Sun & Moon? What about every piece of history?

Ever wonder who was that runaway child on Route 2? If you did or did not then get ready to learn about this character as Hybrid Hero gives you the run down. This character is one that you already know. Though there is plenty to learn concerning this character and his troubled past.

If you already know about this character then get ready to learn about his past. It seems as if this character has gone through a lot as a child such as abuse and pain. Hybird Hero goes over the traits of what makes a bully the person they are. You would be surprise at how well these signs fits this character. This video is not only interesting but quite informative as you learn about a person that could already be in your life.

Please be WARNED: This video contains imaginary that could be consider graphic for some audience.

Enjoy this video from Hybird Hero about the child from Route 2 and his troubled past. Make sure to subscribe to Hybrid Hero!

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