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New Pokemon TCG App Coming Soon?

TCG Online
Could Pokemon TCG Online be replaced soon?

We recently got the announcement about the upcoming Pokemon TCG set, Fusion Strike. Though, there seem to have been other news that was sneaked in along with it. That is a possible new app to place the Pokemon TCG in an online setting.

TCG LiveA brand new, never before heard item called “Pokemon TCG Live” was mention in the product description for the boosters for Fusion Strike. Normally in the spot where they would mention players to play Pokemon TCG Online.

There are not many details known on what is Pokemon TCG Live will actually be or how it will be implemented. We can only guess that Pokemon TCG Live will go live prior to the release date of Fusion Strike on November 12th.

Players have been asking for an updated online TCG client or at least major updates for Pokemon TCG Online. Perhaps Pokemon TCG Live is Pokemon’s way to responding to this. Though, one major question will need to be asked prior to the release of Pokemon TCG Live.

What will happen to player’s collection of cards that they have stockpile in Pokemon TCG Online?

That is a major question that needs to be answer pending on what they want to do with Pokemon TCG Live or as a replacement for Pokemon TCG Online. Hopefully players will be able to transfer their online TCG collections to the new client.

We will report more details once Pokemon TCG Live becomes officially released.TCG Live icon

Source: PokeBeach

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