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Recruit Masters as part of the 2nd Anniversary of Pokémon Masters EX!

It’s an event of legendary proportions!

DeNa have unveiled the first part of their special 2nd anniversary campaign. This campaign will begin on August 30th 2021 at 06:00 UTC. During it, four new Sync pairs will be available for players to collect. Three of these Sync Pairs are Master Sync Pairs, which are powerful sync pairs that have a master passive skill. Thus far, only one other Master Sync Pair has been introduced, Leon & Charizard who debuted back in February for Pokemon’s anniversary, so it’s interesting to not only see the introduction of three new pairs, but also which pairs got chosen.

New Master Pairs

The first new Master Sync Pair that will be released for the anniversary event is Lillie & Lunala, whose Master Fair will run on August 28th. She is a five star strike pair with the focal move type of Ghost and a weakness to Dark types. She has three passive skills: Health Benefits 5, Super Preparation 4, and Rejuvenate 6. Additionally, they have the master passive skill, Alola Flag Bearer, which powers up the moves of all allied sync pairs by 10% and reduces attack damage taken by all allied sync pairs by 20%. These percentages increase according to the number of allied sync pairs with the Alola theme on your team. Each additional sync pair powers up moves by 10% and reduces damage by 3%. The maximum power-up is 30%, and the maximum damage reduction is 26%. They also have the Ghost Strike, Alola, Seasonal Outfit, Pigtails, and Alola Adventurer Theme Skills. The pair has access to two damaging moves, Moongeist Beam and Moonblast. Moongeist Beam ignores passive skills that would reduce the damage of this attack, ignores passive skills that would protect the target against a critical hit, and ignores the target’s enduring effect. While Moonblast has a moderate chance of lower the target’s Special Attack. They also have access to a Potion and the special Sync Pair move “Shining Moonlight!” which raises the user’s Sp. Atk by 6 stat ranks and raises the user’s critical-hit rate by 3 stat ranks. They also have access to the Sync Move, Shining Hope Moongeist Beam, which gains the additional effect to target all opponents when the pair become EX ranked.

Next up for the anniversary event is N & Reshiram, whose Master Fair will run on August 30th. He is a five stair tech pair with a focal move type of Fire and a weakness to Dragon types. He has three passive skills: Extend Range, Piercing Blows, and Mind Games 9. Additionally, as a Master Sync Pair, N & Reshiram also have the master passive skill, Unova Flag Bearer, which does the same as stated above for the Alola Flag Bearer, but with Unova themed pairs instead. They also have the theme skills: Fire Tech, Unova, Rival, Seasonal Outfit, and Supernatural. Reshiram gets the moves Blue Flare and Noble Roar, which have a 20% chance to burn and lowers the target’s attack and special attack, respectively. N also has the ability to boost Reshiram’s critical hit rate with a Dire Hit+ and has the special move “Truth Will Prevail!”. This applies the Move Gauge Acceleration effect to the allied field of play. It also raises the user’s Sp. Atk by 3 stat ranks and raises the user’s accuracy by 1 stat rank. They also have access to the sync Move, Blue Flare to Change the World, which has the additional effect of increasing the move’s power the more the target’s stats have been lowered.

Finally, the last Master pair for the event is Steven & Shiny Rayquaza, whose Master Fair will run on September 1st. Despite Rayquaza already being in the game in the form of Zinnia & Rayquaza, this Shiny Rayquaza has a different moveset and has a few other qualities that makes it stand out. He is a five star strike pair with a focal move type of Flying and a weakness to Ice types. He has three passive skills: Downside Up, Good Form, and Move Gauge Refresh 4. He also has the master passive skill, Hoenn Flag Bearer, which works the same as the other Flag Bearer skills but for Hoenn Sync Pairs. They also have five theme skills: Flying Strike, Hoenn, Seasonal Outfit, Battle Facility Foe, and Rock Lover. Shiny Rayquaza knows the moves Dragon Ascent and Draco Meteor, which normally lower the user’s defense and special defense, and special attack, but thanks to their passive skills, these stats get raised instead. Steven is able to provide support through the use of an X Attack, which powers up Dragon Ascent, as well as the special move “Sky High!”. This move raises the user’s critical-hit rate by 3 stat ranks and applies the Suppereffective Next effect to the user. When used by Mega Rayquaza, it also raises the user’s Speed by 2 stat ranks. And yes you read that right, Mega Rayquaza. Unlike Zinnia’s Rayquaza, Steven’s is capable of mega evolving through the use of their Sync Move, “Triumph and Glory Dragon Ascent”, which also targets all opponents when Steven becomes an EX pair. Other than some stat changes and the additional bonus to Sky High! nothing else changes when mega evolving, but that still makes this pair a very powerful foe.

These three pairs are also set to appear in the Hearts United story event, which will run from August 28th to September 30th. Plus, starting September 1, these three Sunc Pairs will be featured in an Extreme Battle Event, that we will likely receive more details on at a later date. Additionally, a Lillie & Lunala playmat will be distributed through a special giveaway to celebrate the second anniversary of the mobile game Pokemon Masters EX. The giveaway will be held in the United States / Canada and Japan. 250 players will receive the playmat in both regions. To enter, players must post a screenshot of their favorite Pokemon EX scene. Entries will open for the American giveaway on August 27th at 11 PM PDT and in Japan on August 28th at 3 PM. Further entry details will be announced later. Participants will need to be 18 or older to enter. The playmat will ship to the winners after November.

Misty & Psyduck

In addition to the several new Master Sync Pairs, a special Sync Pair Event starring Misty & Psyduck will begin on August 28. In this event, you can team up with Misty in her special new outfit and have her join your team just by watching the event’s story unfold. By advancing in the event you can also get items to power the pair up. While Misty & Psyduck are only a 3 star pair, they are able to make use of both a Potion and a Full Heal, which is great for beginner players. Psyduck is also able to deal damage using Water Gun and Misty provides further support with the move “Duck and Cover!” which raises the Defense and Sp. Def of all allied sync pairs by 2 stat ranks and applies the Gradual healing effect to all allied sync pairs. This pair is also an EX pair with Sync Move “All-Out Offense Water Beam” that doubles the stat increase after using a Sync Move once per battle. They have the passive skills: Racing Rain 1, Look Alive 1, and First Aid 4, as well as the Theme Skills: Water Support, Kanto, Gym Leader, and Passionate Spirit. While she isn’t the most powerful new pair, this special Misty & Psyduck pair is not only great for beginner players just starting out, but also a great callback to older fans who watched the original Pokémon anime.

Other News

That’s not all though. There’s much more coming or already live in Pasio at this very moment as part of this 2nd anniversary event. A special Seasonal Scout will run from September 3rd and 10th that will include the various previous Seasonal Sync Pairs, so if you missed on out Halloween Acerola or Summer Gloria, now is your chance to snag them! And to help you do that, 10,000 gems will be available between August 28th and September 14th by logging in and completing various events. Sync pairs are now able to reach Level 140, with new items being introduced to reflect that, and the Evolution Area and Sync Orb Area now require no Stamina. The 10 pair ticket scout is now also live with a free ticket being given away every day for up to 10 days. This gives you the chance to get up to 100 Sync Pairs, including a fair number of 5 star Sync Pairs! Several story events, including The Ideal Formula and Family Ties, will also be returning for a limited time, so now is your chance to play them if you haven’t already. Additionally, you still have a chance to get the pairs Ghetsis & Kyurem, Sycamore & Xerneas, and Cyrus & Palkia if you missed out previously, as their events are currently running right now.

There are also set to be better login rewards starting September 1. While we don’t know what this entails, we’ll find out soon enough. The Daily Battle Present Event has also already started in game. By completing daily battles, you can get Gems, 5 star guaranteed scout tickets, Battle Points, and other rewards. Each battle can only be challenged once per day. Plus, on the first, fifth, tenth, and fifteenth days of the event, special battles will be added, from which you can get even more incredible rewards. If you complete every battle during the event, you’ll get 5000 or more gems. These battles will be easy to complete, so it’s recommended you try them out every day.

Villain Arc

The final piece of major news is the start of the Villain Arc. It is the next major arc in the Main Story and takes place after the PML is finished, though you don’t need to complete that arc to start this one. However, the update does hint at the possibility of spoilers for the PML arc in the Villain arc, so it might be recommended to complete it first before you start. It said to be a more serious story that focuses on the different Villains that have appeared throughout the Pokémon series and their arrival on Pasio. Given every major villain from the mainline games has appeared on Pasio thus far, it seems likely we’ll see some sort of Rainbow Rocket 2 event on Pasio. The Villain Arc is scheduled to begin with a prelude in mid-September and an update in late September.

That’s all the Masters news we have for now! So get out to Pasio and let’s battle!

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