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New PokeToon Featuring Pancham

Ready for another PokeToon?

Then gather around and give this toon a watch! The Japanese YouTube Channel, Pokemon Kids TV Japan, has release another PokeToon. These short animation pieces features various Pokemon that are targeted as kids. You may have remembered a PokeToon that featured Scraggy and Mimikyu in the style of old school Looney Tunes cartoons.

There is now a new one featuring Pancham. This story features a Pancham who has been training really hard to become a hero. He was inspired by a trainer and their Arcanine. Though, this Pancham doesn’t want to evolve as noted by the Everstone that he wears. What this Pancham doesn’t know is that he has inspired a young boy to seek him out. How will this Pancham and little boy meet? Watch to find out!

This PokeToon is a bit more talk heavy compare to the previous famous PokeToon. Though hopefully you can pick up what is going on. Either way, we think you will find this story touching.



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