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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Dark Box

Dark Box
It is always darkest before the dawn!

And if that dawn is the arrival of Worlds 2019 then we got the perfect deck for you! Today we want to show off the new Dark Box deck that has gotten a lot of hype! And this deck today is being played by YellowSwellow!

The Deck Basics

Umbreon Darkrai GXDark Box has gather all of the best Darkness Pokemon in the game! That is because you have plenty of Tag Team Darkness Pokemon like Umbreon & Darkrai GX, Mega Sableye & Tyranitar GX and more! And the two Pokemon that brings them all together is Weavile GX and Naganadel!

Your biggest goal to do in this deck is to set up your board with Weavile GX and Nagandel with plenty of Darkness Energy in the discard. Once you have done that then all you have to do is Charged Up with Nagandel and move them around with Darkness Connection from Weavile GX.

Nagandel and Weavile GX are not meant to attack but that is why you have UmbRai GX and Mega SableTar GX to do all your battling! These are both huge HP Basic Pokemon that can take a hit and then hit harder.

UmbRai GX only needs three Darkness Energy on it to attack with Black Lance that does 150 damage to the active. It then does 60 damage to one of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon. That could be pretty dangerous as you are doing major damage to the active and setting up a future knockout. UmbRai GX also has a powerful GX attack in the form of Dark Moon GX. Normally this attack prevents your opponent from using Trainers in their hand. Though, if you can put five more Darkness energy on it then you can also knockout your opponent’s Active Pokemon! That is pretty dark!

Mega SableTar GX can be pretty scary as well with Greedy Crush! This attack needs five Darkness Energy to attack but once you get that energy on the field with Nagandel then you can move it with Weavile GX. Once you have done that then Mega SableTar can hit your opponent’s Pokemon with 210 damage. The scary part happens when you take a knockout because you can take an extra prize card. It helps that UmbRai GX can put 60 damage on your opponent’s Benched Pokemon which sets up the knockouts for Mega SableTar GX.

Dark Box does have a weakness which is the set up. If you do not get a few Poipole and Sneasel out on the first turn then you are already behind. After rotation has proven to be difficult for evolution decks due to lack of search cards for non-GX and Evolution Pokemon.

You will need Dedenne GX helps with this as it allows you to dig deep into your deck. That will get you access to Pokemon Communication to help search out Sneasel and other needed cards.

The Match

Now how about you watch YellowSwellow get some matches done with Dark Box! Once this deck gets set up then it is almost impossible to stop!

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