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Jessie & James! Banned in Expanded!

Hidden Fates
There will be no preparing for trouble or making it double!

Especially in the Expanded format where Pokemon has decided to ban the Supporter card, Jessie & James!

Pokemon has decided in their quarterly report that in order to maintain a healthy format that Jessie & James from Hidden Fates need to be banned. That is because it can create a combo where the opponent is unable to play the game due to having no hand on turn one.

Why the Ban

Jessie & James and Weezing, both cards from Hidden Fates, can be used in a combo that will result in the opponent having no cards in hand.

Below is what Jessie & James do.

Jessie & James- Supporter
Each player discards 2 cards from their hand. Your opponent discards first.

Making your opponent discard some cards from hand isn’t normally a bad thing. Though, when you use it with Weezing from Hidden Fates then things get bad. Below is what Weezing can do in relation to Jessie & James.


Surrender Now (Ability): Once during your turn, if this Pokémon is discarded with the effect of Jessie & James, you may have your opponent discard a card from their hand. (They discard that card after the effect of Jessie & James.)

In the Expanded format, the opponent can be put in a situation with a limited hand. From there, the player can get multiple Surrender Now Weezing using cards like Timer Ball and then discard them by using Jessie & James. This combo can be used to put the opponent with no or limited hand similar to what and why Delinquent was banned.

Because of the potential for this combo to be pulled off consistently, Pokemon has decided to ban Jessie & James now before it becomes playable for tournament play on September 6th.

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