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New Sygna Suit Coming to Pokemon Masters EX!

Silver Sygna Suit
Somebody is suiting up in Pokemon Masters! And another person is coming!

Pokemon Masters EX has announced that they will be adding two new Scout Pairs to the game. One of them will be in a Sygna Suit while the other is a new character!

Sygna Suit Silver & Sneasel

Sygna Suit Silver & Sneasel will be release in Pokemon Masters EX. You can start scouting them from June 16th to July 14th.

Sygna Suit Silver & Sneasel will be a tech sync pair. They will be able to reduce their sync move countdown by three. Also, they can raise their critical-hit rate based on the number of times they Buddy Move hits.

Coming Soon…Eusine!

Coming on June 14th will be Eusine. He will be making his debut as a Sync Pair scount. No details are known about Eusine or his partner Pokemon at the time.

Watch the video below regarding these two new additions to Pokemon Masters EX.

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