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Get ready to hear some great making podcasts!

We hope you are loving all those fake-mon that has been all the rage lately. If so then you are going to love the newest addition to Podcast Central! That is because this podcast is making a whole region and all the Pokemon in it! Welcome to PokeMakers!

Join Professor Fierce and Professor Fierce as they create the Olcea Region. Though, if you don’t want to confuse the two professors then feel free to call them JD and Alex. Each episode they will make up a new part of their region. May it be a new town or city. Perhaps they will talk about a gym leader. Anything and everything is on the table as they create a region from scratch. It will then end with creating a new Pokemon that can be found in their new region.

May is slowly coming to an end. Some people are out of school for Summer. Others are eagerly awaiting the last day of school. We hope that you have been doing well and ready to have a summer filled with Pokemon fun. For now just keep being amazing and do your great thing!

Don’t touch that Totodile! It is podcast listening thing!

Podcast Spotlight

PokeMakersPokeMakers: Choosing Your Starter Pokémon– JD and Alex will create and introduce you to the Starters of the Olcea Region! They stay true to their region, Starter Lore and puns. All the puns.
Luke Loves PokemonLuke Loves Pokemon: Wingull and Family‬‬– Time for all the stories! From Luke telling stories of making a movie about a giant seagull to Mikey telling a story of his favorite Shiny encounter.
Critical DittoCritical Ditto: Rock Slide #3- Theo gets to experience the joys of being a teacher. Seeing a student using what they learn from him. And some shark jumping! I mean Carkol.

Talk Podcasts

PKMNCastIt’s Super Effective: Drama Stops the Sales of Pokémon Cards at Target-Steve gives you the real reason of what is causing the Pokemon TCG shortage and it has everything to do with sports. Sport cards.
PUCL POdcastP.U.C.L. Podcast: Managing Our Expectations– Time for a reality check with Thatch and the council. Maybe it best to just look a what we know and not what we want.
After DarkrainAfter Darkrai: CopyRhyperior Striken [EXPLICIT]– Bret may or may not be upset about being hit with copywrite strike. Just don’t say Mortal Wombat.
ShadowlessGotta Snatch ‘Em All: I choose you, Erika Klash!– Erika is on the podcast to tell her story. A story about how Pokemon made her feel part of the world when growing up alone.
Wild PodcastA Wild Podcast has Appeared: Piplup, the New Face of Pokemon –Piplup is a rising star! And Pokemon knows it! Though, does Jim knows that.
Pokemon World TourPokemon World Tour: Where The Land Ends And The Sea Begins– Jake and Josh have parked the tour bus at Lilycove City. They will see it all from the Contest Hall to the lame lighthouse.

Specialty Podcasts

I Chews YouI Chews You: Bidoof- Get ready for a holy episodes with a group of doofus. From baptizing with LaCroix to cooking up the lord and savior, Bidoof.
EXP ShareEXP. Share: Goldenrod Tunnel, Radio Tower, Underground Warehouse, Route 44, Ice Path, Blackthorn City, & Rising Badge (#079) [EXPLICIT]– Tanner resurrects the dead! Josh admire some well dress Rockets. Also, it is Eww. Not You.
Champs in the MakingChamps in the Making: Episode 26- These aren’t your regular Champs! They have been swapped and going to tell you how to catch Brad Garrett!
Who's That PokemonWho’s That Pokemon?: Articuno!- Brandon and Collin are talking about Articuno but gives the cold shoulder to Articuno’s Galarian cousin.
PokeSciencePokeScience: Jawsome!! – Sharks get a bad rap. That is why the PokeScience Peeps are here to give you the 411 with a shark expert!
Blast Burn RadioBlast Burn Radio: Glowing Piece of That Radical Rock– The Kalos region is giving the BBR Crew some tough times. Including an awkward date with a girl who looks to be too young for everybody.
Welcome to the World of PokemonWelcome to the World of Pokemon: Oddish- Nothing odd here. Just talking about Oddish and all it’s odd behavior. From sleeping in the ground to doing groundkeeper work.

Anime Podcasts

PokePresPoke Press: Discussing the Music of Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire‬– You like Pinball? Anne and Steven are talking about Pokemon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire and it’s music! Does it hold up to the original?

Battling Podcasts

Hyper VoiceThe Hyper Voice: A Game of Shadow Tag- Do you like free stuff? Stephan and Alex are going to tell you how you can get some free stuff with the upcoming Players Cup streams!
PokeSportsPokeSports: The Grind – Mike and Kevin are so good at VGC that they will make teams out of random Pokemon. Too bad not all Pokemon are meant for VGC.

TCG Podcasts

Tag TeamTag Team: Tag Teamless: PC4 Problems- More PC Keys. More Problems. The Tag Team Duo talk about their woes of Players Cup 4 and play games.
Meta PodMeta Pod: Will Pokemon Make NFTs, Stream Sniping Shenanigans, & Scalpers Are the Worst!– Cheating and NFTs. Can Pokemon stop both from happening? Well only one thing may actually be a concern to Pokemon.
PokeDadsPokeDads: It’s So Crazy That It Might Just Work! (Pokemon Meme Decks)- Sometimes meme decks work. Sometimes they don’t. But the PokeDads will laugh when they work.
Pittsburgh Pokemon PodcastPittsburgh Pokemon Podcast: Megumi GoomyGumi Pokemon PhD- Megumi is on the podcast to share her story of going from otaku to professor in three easy steps.
Special ConditionsSpecial Conditions: Houndoomed– Time for some cows and goodbyes. Josh is making a leave but not without rating some cards about Miltank.
ShadowlessShadowless Podcast: New Pokemon Card Set “EVOLVING SKIES” Announced For August!– Dani, Jordan and Nate are looking forward to some evolving skies! Especially when it is the upcoming new set for Pokemon!
Amazing RareAmazing Rare Podcast: Retail madness!! Are cards banned forever?? – Cards are getting kicked out of Wal-Mart and Target? The Amazing Guys are here to help you find them online.

Pokemon GO Podcasts

Pokemon GO RadioPokemon GO Radio: Luminous Legends Y & the Strange “Special Partnered Event”- Now with less SALT! Though you will be asking Y as a new event is underway!
GoCastGoCast: I Got Gible On My Mind‬‬‬‬- Chris and Kyle are excited about Gible! But how good is it with just a Ground attack? Really good!
Pokemon GO POdcastPokemon GO Podcast: “You’ve Just Joined The Kiss Army”- Joe is ready to talk about the shiny new member of the KISS Army for Pokemon GO.
Lured UP Lured Up Podcast: Snap Out Of It- Ken and Adam will give you a talk on how New Pokemon Snap can be used to refresh GO Snapshot.
The Purified PodcastThe Purified Podcast: Hold the Wind Power!~‬‬– Chris and Luis are here to help you when it comes to evolving Sylveon! How? Listen to find out!
Battle scienceBattle Science: Gible Can Bite Me- Jesse and Steve are taking a look into the shadows for new Shadow Pokemon! Plus some Gible!

Tabletop Podcasts

Pokemon RolloutPokemon Rollout!: Monastery Training, Part 1! (or, In Response to Your Super-Secret Question…)- The Rollout Crew are getting ready to train! Though, will they be able clang and bang to get stronger?
Postcards from PearlPostcards from Pearl: Nightwatch-AMBUSH! From flying scorpions to surprise finding of an aunt! Who knew you could find so many things in a desert.
Critical HitmonleeCritical Hit-Monlee: The Shadow has Arrived-– Do not feed the shadows! They may bite off more then you can chew!
Reckless RollersReckless Rollers: The Sixty-Ninth One-– Time to catch bugs with Nigel Thornberry!
Not a ScratchNot a Scratch: Which Should I Choose?- Kyle and Ralph have so many places to go but no idea on where to go. Same for the DM!
Boarding PartyBoarding Party Pokemon DnD: Remedy for a Migraine– Who can you trust in a world filled with people who you can’t trust? Can you even trust your friends?
Mystery Dungeons and DarkraisMystery Dungeons and Darkrais: Lost in the Blinding Whiteness of the Tundra– Chuck and Felix may find that going into ice caves is a bad idea. Even with an Escape Rope and bad rolls.

Spring here so spring into Apple Podcast or your podcast catcher of choice to leave a rate and review for these amazing podcasts!

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