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Pokemon Evolutions New Episode Features Unova!

Pokemon Evolutions
“I would like to talk to you about the liberation of all Pokemon!”

The forth episode of Pokemon Evolutions has been released. This episode takes us to the Unova region where we witness the story of Pokemon Black & White.

“The Plan” shows us Ghetsis’s patience as he enacts his plan to mold N to his hero. The story of Black & White as told from the perspective of the cunning Ghetsis.

This episode will leave you in awe from the animation to music choices. Ghetsis’s point of view is rather unique as you watch N enacts Ghetsis’s master plan.

You can watch “The Plan” on YouTube right now or below.

The next episode of Pokemon Evolutions will take us to the Sinnoh Region. This episode will focus on Barry and will release on November 4th.

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